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LARES TREK is a professional trekking company based in the capital of the Inca civilization Cusco. We have been running trekking business since 2010 in the Lares valley. We are Experts Professionals and have a vast experience in outdoor adventures. We know exactly what to display and where to take you. What we do is mainly to satisfy our customers.
We offer trekking tours that fits almost to anyone who loves to hike in the remote places, for those who loves the mountains and be part of the experiences, customs and traditions of the people who live in the inca valley of lares.

When we think of a group of customers our goal is to provide the best service to our customers supported by professional and knowledgeable tour guides, who have been working for many years in the valley of Lares and in the tourism industry.

We offer Small Group Expeditions & Custom 
Tours to Machu Picchu

Our small group overland expeditions are fully escorted tours in Peru and allow you to get off-the-beaten track and explore some of the more remote parts of the country. These active expeditions are unique and exciting while at the same time comfortable, affordable and stress free.

So join us in Cusco(Peru) and let your journey of a lifetime begin.


Lares Trek


This trekking route fits very well for the beginner hikers because the distance of the hike is short and is less difficult but there are many activities to do. The hike begins at lares hot spring after 3 hour car drive from cusco. During the hike you will visit the picturesque village of wacawasi the first camp will be located at this interesting village where you will be able to interact with locals. This route takes you through many type of landscape and small village, the end of the hike you finish your adventure in one of the wonder of the world Machupicchu. ....

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Lares Trek


lares challenging trekfits better to people who want to have longer time on the mountains of lares valley for those people who are looking for quiet and uncrowded places to hike and for those whose want to have an authentic hiking experience. This Lares route is a great alternative to the commercial Inca Trail. It will take you through spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and turquoise lakes. This option of the Lares trek starts at the hot springs in Lares. The trek then passes through the weaving communities of cuncani, quiswarani and canchacancha....

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Lares Trek


This route gives you the chance to experience the real world of the Incas descendants this remote and rarely visited area gives you the chance to see local people dressed in traditional way with colorful ponchos and hats with precious designs according at marital status and also we are going to walk through of these small villages that we see during the hike. Most of the families have their homes made of stone covered with thatched roof surrounded by herds of llamas and alpacas...

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Why Lares Trek?

We are a specialist adventure tour operator with hundreds of high quality, affordable and exciting adventures to Machu Picchu by Lares.

Lares Trek

Is it for me?

We offer three trekking routes for Lares trek. These trekking routes were created to fit to anyone but you need acclimatize a couple of days in Cusco or anywhere over 3000m 10498 ft. especially for those people who come from see level in order to finish successfully your hiking adventure.

When is the best time to hike Lares Trek?

This questions is little hard to answer because the weather in the mountains is unpredictably but Obviously in the Andes there is only two season dry season and rainy season.

• Dry season is from April to November. This mean the temperature changes drastically from the day to the night. During the day is hot especially when the sun is out but sometimes the sun is in the clouds in this case the temperature is chilly. After the sunset the temperature changes very fast to cold some nights the temperature is below zero Celsius degrees in the camps who are over 3300m. So! Dry season is perfect time to hike Lares trek. For the coldest camping site we provide you with good camping gear.

• Rainy season is from December to March but the rainiest months are January and February. The rain starts little by little at the end of November and we have a little more of rain on December in this two months is still possible to do the trek because there is not too much rain and the landscape changes to greener. We got to see more vegetation, more flowers, etc. January and February are the rainiest months is watery the rivers grow more, there are many water falls. But it does not rain everyday some days in the week we might get sunny days.

If you do not have time to do the treks in the dry season we can do it in the rainy season with good rain gear. There is no bad weather; there is bad dress hiker for the weather conditions.
Lares Trek

We offer tour service along the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu, enjoy with the wonderfull landscape and local people.

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